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Wed 06 May 2015

London clinic space now open! We have officially moved in to The Light Centre in Moorgate (114 London Wall). Due to high demand we have broadened our horizons!

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We now operate a morning clinic on a Tuesday and a Friday. Clinic time is 0800-1400. Please call for more info


Tue 10 Feb 2015

Running the London Marathon this year? Planning on increasing your mileage? Ask us about our gait analysis and find out how to make your running as fluent and efficient as possible......

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Video analysis offered with full report issued. Advice on footwear and technique can help to minimise pain and optimise running.

  How it all began

How it all began.jpg Established by 2 physiotherapists with a background in Sports Science, the clinics at 189 Sidney Road (Walton-upon-Thames) and The River Club (Worcester Park) are designed around the biomechanical assessment of movement. We use an integrated approach to assessment (used by all of the clinicians in the practice) that associates the areas of the body together, allowing us to target the origin of the problem as well as decreasing the symptoms that you feel. Click here to see our information sheet on how the body works and why it matters.

We can analyse any movement and make it better. Whether you want decreased pain or improved performance, we can set you on your way to achieving your goals. You will learn about yourself and your body and what it is capable of and come out of our sessions with the powers to improve your health. Read more for further information.

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About us. Having graduated in physiotherapy in 2001/2, we worked within the NHS to gain experience of all areas incorporated by physiotherapy. Our passion has always been in musculoskeletal assessment and treatment and it was in this area that we specialised. We soon became frustrated with the standard approach to physiotherapy and sought for improvements in our assessment and treatment skills, which is where we found Diane and LJ Lee. These world renowned therapists run a year long course that incorporates all aspects of the body and creates a framework of assessment. Needless to say the course was enlightening!Using this framework, no problem is too big or small.

Since using this framework, our sports science biomechanical and functional anatomy knowledge has married up to our hands on assessment and treatment skills and our interest in the body and how it is connected together has spiralled. It is impossible to communicate in words the difference this understanding of the body connections has and the effect it has had on our treatment and assessment, so we asked several current clients to complete video feedback. Please feel free to listen to their experiences and hopefully you will see the difference we can make. Click here for video testimonials.

Our mission is to have multiple services working under the same assessment structure including pilates, sports massage, personal training, podiatry, reflexology and osteopathy. We want clients to feel that they know exactly what they will get when they come to a Bodymechanics clinic and that they will leave better than when they arrived.

If you would like to make an appointment, contact us today and we will endeavour to see you as quickly as possible. Click here to see how to make an appointment.

  Education and treatment

Education and Treatment.jpg It is our goal to have all of our clients leave following assessment and treatment feeling that they have a clear understanding of what we found and what needs to be done in order that they see an improvement. We have found that if we can increase your understanding of how your body moves, you will benefit much more from our input. Please take the time to read our information sheet on how the body works and why it is important in our assessment and treatment (click here to see the PDF information sheet).

We aim to show you any movement dysfunction or problem and for you to feel the difference in movement when that dysfunction is corrected. If you do not feel that you have an understanding of the problem that we have assessed and treatment and are not clear on how you can move better when you have finished a session with us we want to know!

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Feedback is essential to us in order that we can strive to give you the best service possible. We are keen for both positive and negative feedback, particularly any thoughts on how we can make your experience of the Bodymechanics services better.

Please take the time to tell us any feedback. This can be done by simply talking to us about any thoughts that you may have, contacting us by phone or email or simply use the feedback button at the bottom of the website and tell us what is good, what is bad and what can be done better! Feedback can be anonymous, we are just happy to be able to develop by listening and acting on your thoughts. With your help, we can achieve the high standards of service that we are aiming for. Please help us to help you.

Many thanks

Jon, Dave and the Bodymechanics Team.