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More Women's and Men's Health now Available (Including Pregnancy Massage)

It is great to welcome new team members to Bodymechanics whose skills compliment the excellent therapists that we already have working at the clinics. Sarah Thorne and Emma Chinnery have recently joined our team and they have great expertise in pelvic health and pregnancy massage respectively. They have both Joined Claire Cook (Pelvic Health therapist) in Walton on Thames on a Tuesday evening - making Tuesday our "pelvic Health" day. There is of course other availability - but having 3 great minds in the same place at the same time is amazing!

Pelvic health is regularly seen as a 'taboo subject' but knowing that there is help at hand is reassuring to many people who suffer from pelvic pain, bladder or bowel issues. Within clinic, we incorporate pelvic assessment in to screening the rest of the body in order to check that other areas of the body malfunctioning are not having an adverse effect on the pelvis. Pre natal and post natal appointments are available to address any issues around pregnancy and childbirth and specifically a post natal check up (or Mummy MOT) can be accessed at the clinic for anyone who needs our input after baby is born.

To encourage anybody who is not sure as to whether a pelvic health appointment is a good idea - we are offering 10% off a first appointment until the end of the month of May. Booking in to see Claire, Sarah or Emma might be the best thing you do this month and we want to help as best we can to encourage you to find solutions to pelvic problems. Please contact us or book online and we look forward to seeing you.